5 Valentine’s Dates on a Dime!

It’s almost time for one of my favoriteeee holidays… Valentine’s Day!


What’s so special about Valentine’s Day for me? Not only is it the most romantic holiday of them all, it’s also the day my wonderful parents were married and the day that this earth was graced with my beautiful mother, Valerie! (Val born on Valentine’s Day, most clever thing ever)

Since  I was little, my Daddy has always made Valentine’s Day a national holiday for my mom, siblings and I.  We would wake up on the 14th, approach the kitchen and our eyes would explode at the tons of balloons, roses, and brightly colored  gifts, lovingly hand-picked by my Daddy.  Even when my parents got divorced, our Daddy would meet us at our bus stops with huge teddy bears, balloons and candy to ensure that we would never be waiting on some knuckle-headed little boy to buy us gifts, lol! Well, 20+ years later and my Dad never misses a Valentine’s Day!


Of course I’m older now and although Valentine’s Day is still a major family occasion, I also partake in the romantic side of the holiday as well! Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be expensive! I am all about the experience! I love planning out fun dates and activities to share with the one I love.


I’ve put together 5 awesome dates for you and your lover, and they’re all on a budget!

[See below for links to Infographics & other info to help you make this the best Valentine’s Day for bae yet!]


Picnic Date
What’s not to love about quality time with your boo, lunch and a little bit of nature?! Pack up a bag and enjoy a relaxing meal al fresco!


Paint & Sip @ Home

Ever enjoyed a Paint & Sip night?  Pairing wine with paint just does something to people, (I know, I can’t get enough of the idea lol!)  It’s wonderful to sit back, enjoy a drink and paint your heart out without too much concern about whether or not you’re actually good at it.  Maybe you’re the next Basquiat or Picasso, let a little white or red wine guide your paintbrush on this fun & creative date.


DIY Spa @ Home

Who doesn’t like being pampered!? Certain the answer is “no one” because we all need some R&R! Spoil your boo by setting up a Spa Night at home!



Chopped Dinner Date Night

Are you a fan of Food Network or simply a foodie? Challenge Bae to a Chopped Competition based on Food Network’s hit show! With a basket of secret ingredients required to be used to be the winner, chefs utilize those special items with everyday ingredients to become the winner.

Who will be your Chopped Champion?!


Wine Tasting @ Home

I absolutely love a wine tasting!  Not only because there’s wine (although, that’s always cause for celebration!) but the learning process is amazing!  Properly pairing your various wines, cheeses and other goodies can spark amazing conversation with your lover, as you all bond over the bold reds and sweet white wines that you may encounter while enjoying this date! Get jazzy and put on some fancy clothes, print out your Wine Scoring cards and treat the night like your own private upscale event. 😉


[Click to download my FREE Printable Wine Scoring Sheet for your date night or party!]

Don’t know which wine is best on a budget? Check out these links to find the Wine for you!

Cheap Wine Under $5!    or   Great Trader Joe’s Wine Under $5! 




Angela Armstrong’s YouTube for Paint & Sip @ Home Date instructions

Wine Pairing Infographic for Wine Tasting @ Home


14 comments on “5 Valentine’s Dates on a Dime!

  • Chante Burkett , Direct link to comment

    omg these are great date ideas…I might just have to try one of those …thankssss for the ideas

  • Leslie , Direct link to comment

    These are awesome! We do date nights in often that commence at 8p when our daughter goes to bed. Diff themes, sometimes evites are sent. And you show it doesnt cost alot to be creative, romantic..and thoughtful!

  • Carissa , Direct link to comment

    These are great ideas!!! I like the chopped idea!! How fun! I am keeping this for later on, I would do these throughout the year!

  • Kim , Direct link to comment

    I just looked at a paint & sip in my area and thought about taking my husband on a surprise date there. Wine tastings are great too.

  • Mimi Green , Direct link to comment

    Happy Birthday to your Mommy. Val born on Valentine’s Day is super cute.

    I am doing a festive family dinner tonight. The four of us will make dinner together, so that will be fun. I will decorate the place so the decor will be a surprise when everyone gets home.

  • Jay Colby , Direct link to comment

    These are all great Valentine’s date ideas! I might have to try one of these one day.

  • Michelle Thames , Direct link to comment

    Great ideas. I love paint and sip!! I also love any type of wine LOL!

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