What I Wore – Austin, Texas Style Guide

A day out in Texas



When  I recently visited Texas, the temperature was ranging between 92-96 degrees!  Being a native South Floridian, the numbers on the heat index didn’t shock me but the dry heat sure did!  Knowing that Friday was my day to be a tourist, I was on the hunt for a cooling, light and fun Summer outfit that wouldn’t leave me sweating for the next few hours. I adore crop tops and this H&M Crop was so light and soft!  I paired it with these breezy denim blue & white cotton Gauchos that feature a bow-waistband that I loved because it’s so difficult to find pants that fit my waist comfortably, especially because I planned to be walking a bunch in the heat. Those pants are a new fave and I bought them for only $12 at Ross! Knowing that my shoes needed to withstand the walking and the heat, and they needed to match my simple shades without overpowering them, I slipped on my new moccasin-style slides that I grabbed from Charlotte Russe on sale recently for only $10.  Pairing these outfits with a pop of red was exactly what was needed, as I accessorized with my Trisha Sunnies from Amerika B, Style Me: Shop ABSM, Pearl-adorned gold hoop earrings from Burlington, and my new Pearl Fanny Pack from Sam Moon that I’m obsessed with!



Denim, Bandanas and Gingham, OH MY!

I really went overboard with the whole, Texas Cowgirl look on this trip.  Although I only got to showcase 2 styles that I loved, I packed 5 outfits and for whatever reason, 4/5 featured blue or denim!  I’m usually the Queen of Color, but found myself going with the blues for this Texas vacay.  For Saturday, which was the afternoon of my cousin’s Birthday Party, I opted for simple yet, a hint of extra.  Going with the simple sleeveless denim F21 dress that I bought at Sandy’s Resale for only $8, the heat had no chance against me in this comfy option.  I stuck with the plan of cute comfort on a dime, I decided to pair my denim dress with a red bandana ($1 from Callahan’s General Store), my adorable “Boom!” crossbody ($12 Charming Charlie) and Red Gingham Flats that were a Walmart steal for only $8!


Honestly, I planned the entire outfit around those Gingham Flats, I saw them and HAD to have them!  I rounded off this outfit with one of my favorite accessories – SUNGLASSES!  I’d wear sunglasses in a dark room if I pleased!  My collection is always growing, and when we stopped by a Party City in Texas, I grabbed these adorable Daisy Sunglasses for only $5. Score!


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