Food Find: Parkway Bakery in New Orleans, LA

Location: 538 Hagan Ave New Orleans, LA 70119

Cuisine: Sandwiches

Pricing: $$


Looking for one of the best Po’ Boys in New Orleans? Look no further than Parkway Bakery!  When I approached this little shop, I knew immediately that I was in the right spot based on the fact that half of the lot is made up of simply tables set up for massive groups of guests!  The line led out to the street, but I didn’t let this scare me and I joined the 30+ others who were gearing up for a taste of Louisiana.  Another recommendation from NOLA Chef Aaron Sanchez, I knew that if I was going to get a Po’ Boy, I had to go to a New Orleans staple like Parkway. I mean, President Obama and FLOTUS Michelle thought it was good enough to visit, who am I to go against them!?


The decor is reminiscent of a vintage gas station, but the vibes are that of a local cookout crawling with happy children, chatty adults, and curious travelers.  As I stood in line, I reviewed the extensive menu numerous times trying to cure my craving to simply request one of each item available as everything sounded so delicious.  I decided to go with the Gulf Shrimp Po’ Boy as it was said to be one of their guest favorites, and who would pass up seafood in NOLA? Not this girl!


Although the wait in line was a bit long (about 45 min, cringe) the wait for my food barely existed as I believe I waited less than 10 minutes after I ordered and heard my name.  I quickly grabbed my fountain drink and bag of deliciousness and headed out to one of the communal picnic tables ready to feast.  Because it was later in the evening and only my second meal of the day, I couldn’t risk waiting to get back to my lodging to eat and I wanted to enjoy it as fresh as possible.  As I unwrapped my Po’ Boy, it almost felt like a spiritual moment. Is this how new mothers feel when they see their newborn for the first time?

The bread was so incredibly delicious, flaky, soft, omg.  The Gulf Shrimp were HUGE, perfectly fried and I counted over a dozen pieces on my small sandwich! With every bite, I was treated to a helping of Shrimp, pickles, lettuce, and tomato and I soon lost concern for anyone who may be watching me scarf down this amazing meal.

Totally worth the wait and ALWAYS worth another visit.  When in NOLA, Parkway is the place for your Po’ Boys!


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