Food Find: Willa Jean in New Orleans, LA

Location: 611 O’Keefe Ave New Orleans, LA 70113

Cuisine: Breakfast/Brunch, Pastries

Pricing: $$

What a treat for brunch!

I found Willa Jean only by a lucky meeting with famed NOLA Chef, Aaron Sanchez who had Willa Jean on his list of recommendations. Well, with a recommendation like that, how could I pass it up?!  Tucked into a quiet industrial area, Willa Jean has an unassuming look to the exterior that wouldn’t have you expecting the treats that are to come.

As I entered, I noted that orders were being taken at the front counter and good thing they were, as I was told that ALL tables were booked for hours. Sheesh! With a bar top and just a few tables that were bustling with chatty guests sipping on their coffee and enjoying pastries, I should have known better than to think I could just waltz in.  No stress, I was NOT leaving without brunch so I opted to stand in line and place my order.

I read that the biscuits were to die for so that was my plan as I opted for the Fried Chicken + Tabasco Honey Biscuit and I paired it with a Frose to celebrate the New Year once more, which was handed over to me almost immediately.  After standing around and trying to keep myself from drooling over the huge, delicious-looking pastries that stared back at me while in line, my meal was passed over to me in a boutique-worthy to-go bag and I was set.  I grabbed my bag along with my tasty Frose and headed outside in hopes of finding a bench to enjoy my fare and lucked up on bistro tables set up outside of the restaurant, SCORE!





I got settled and opened my bag to find my biscuit neatly boxed up in a plastic container, it was class all the way for a simple biscuit.  But I soon learned that this was not just any biscuit.  This thang was SO GOOD.  The Fried Chicken was so delicious, juicy and fried to perfection.  I like a little spice, which is why I went with the Tabasco Honey but it wasn’t insanely spicy but incredibly delicious.  Not too much either as each bite had a nice helping of honey, but the chicken and biscuit never got too soggy.  I can imagine how insane I must have looked stuffing this huge biscuit sandwich in my face as it was a healthy helping, but I didn’t care at. all.  The Frose was surprisingly perfect. I say surprisingly because traditionally I don’t like Rose but this variation came so highly recommended in other reviews so I had to try!  Not too bitter or sweet, I enjoyed sipping on this specialty while enjoying people watching from my little VIP bistro table.

Totally worth the wait and eating out in the chilly weather vs. a table, I would have stood up and eaten the entire meal if I had to.  Try it and you’ll see why!


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