Food Finds: Cafe Beignet in New Orleans, LA

Location: 334 Royal St New Orleans, LA 70130

Cuisine: Coffee & Doughnuts

Pricing: $


The great beignet debate continues! Which side are you on? Beignet or Du Monde?  Always a tricky decision, so let’s breakdown the journey.

I hadn’t planned on visiting Cafe Beignet until Day 3 of my trip, but stumbled upon it while walking towards Riverside and figured I’d join the line.  Falling into the faint line of about 20+ people in front of me, I appreciated how beautiful the building was from where I stood. The high ceilings, pristine tile floors, and sparkling fixtures reminded me of a European Tea Room, not a Beignet joint.  But it was definitely more than just that.

As I waited in line, I noticed that although it was busy in the restaurant, it wasn’t booming with noise or music, and everyone was simply enjoying their time inside from the light sprinkles that covered the streets (and people) of New Orleans that early afternoon.  I had originally planned to take my beignets to go but opted to stay for this peace that seemed to accompany the breakfasts being enjoyed by the patrons.

When I approached the counter, I was surprised at the quick process despite there being only one cashier.  If I had one complaint initially, it would be this point.  But I feel like businesses that have been around have their reasons and I’ve got no restaurant, what do I know? Lol.  I ordered 3 beignets and later opted for a Hot Chocolate to wash them down with.  About 15-20 minutes after my order, I had three huge, fluffy, sugary Beignets placed in front of me as I sat at the bar.


I had not expected such a long wait, but perfection takes time I guess. As I geared up to take my first bite, I seriously contemplated wth I was thinking wearing this black turtleneck while eating all this powdered sugar! Oh well, I had a job to do and with a handful of napkins by my side, I dove in. Hot, light, fluffy, sooooo tasty!  I wish they were less-doughy (I know you all know what I mean!), but that would be my only change and that’s not even a requirement.

And no, I still can’t choose between the two restaurants and say which beignet is best… but I’m willing to put as much time, research and chewing into the process that’s needed. 😉



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