Food Finds: Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, LA

Location: 800 Decatur St New Orleans, LA 70116

Cuisine: Coffee and Doughnuts

Pricing: $

The great beignet debate continues! Which side are you on? Beignet or Du Monde?  Always a tricky decision, so let’s breakdown the journey.

I thought I missed out on a Cafe Du Monde visit this trip, as I had visited twice before on previous trips and opted to go to Cafe Beignet first this time around so I thought it was unnecessary to make another visit.

I was wrong.

As I passed by the lively restaurant numerous times while in the city, I continued to pass it by as one look at the line told me I could pass on them this trip.  Until I spent the night out on the town and what did I stumble upon once more?  You guessed it, Cafe Du Monde.  When you see the light from their sign guiding your path (especially after a drink or two), it’s like being beckoned by angels themselves.  So at 2:30 am as I danced along the streets of New Orleans heading back to my Hostel, I answered Cafe Du Mondes call once more.

Lucky me, the line was barely 10 people long despite the busy crowd of about 30 or more guests enjoying their fried dough at the tables nearby.  The ordering process here is very quick and reminds me of the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, but no one is mean, lol. Just focused on getting you what you asked for! Unlike Cafe Beignet, I got my beignets immediately and didn’t have to look longingly at the orders on other tables and that was MUCH appreciated!

Listen, these beignets were everything! I shared with my friends so I somehow was able to stop at only one but man, I was so tempted to head back up to the counter for another order.  Sweet and fluffy, I could tell that there was something special about this dough and because I had seen so many Cafe Du Monde branded Beignet Mixes in the city, I figured it truly was a special mix.  Slightly soggy at some points, perhaps from the fresh oil it was fried in, that’s the only con I could imagine for these delicious treats! Totally worth the wait, always awesome no matter what time of the day.

And no, I still can’t choose between the two restaurants and say which beignet is best… but I’m willing to put as much time, research and chewing into the process that’s needed. 😉



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