Food Finds: J’s Seafood Dock in New Orleans, LA

Location: 1100 N Peters St New Orleans, LA 70116

Cuisine: Seafood

Pricing: $$

My meal from J’s was probably the best things I ate while in New Orleans for 5 days and I’m not even exaggerating!  While strolling through Frenchmen, I decided to grab lunch somewhere nearby and make my way over to the French Market.  While looking over the food that was available, my eyes were drawn to the nautical decor of J’s Seafood Dock and ventured over to check out their menu a bit further.  A lover of seafood, especially Oysters, I was drawn to their descriptions of their meals on the chalkboard that sat idle in the market pathway.

After a bit of review and chatting with the Cashier, I opted for the Oyster Creole (Freshly shucked oysters fried then placed on top of a bed of Spinach & Artichoke, drizzled with Remoulade Sauce) and Crawfish Pie for under $19. Best $19 I spent!  The food was made fresh, as I walked around a bit to check out the vendors nearby and then heard my name called about 10+ minutes later.

I quickly grabbed my trays of food and took a spot at a barstool nearby and pulled an Abita beer out of my backpack from earlier and got ready to dig in.  The Oyster Creole blew my mind!! Huge oysters perfectly fried and paired with the delicious Remoulade went down so smooth with a local Abita Amber beer, especially once I squeezed some fresh lemon over them.  I wanted to make sure I was an equal-opportunity eater so I was going back and forth between the Oyster Creole and the delicious Crawfish Pie. Crawfish Pie is one dish that I had never had until this recent visit to NOLA and man, have I been missing out!  As I bit into the Crawfish Pie, I could immediately see and taste the delicious Crawfish etouffee-like filling that was accompanying the light & flaky crust.

It didn’t stand a chance!

As the French Market was preparing to close up, I tried to quickly finish my meal but savoring every bite and almost wished that I had ordered more!


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