Food Finds: Southern Candymakers in New Orleans, LA

Location: 1010 Decatur St New Orleans, LA 70116

Cuisine: Chocolates & Confections

Pricing: $



I never planned on getting Pralines while in New Orleans.  I’m not a sweets person unless I’m craving it, I swear.

But you try and walk past the delicious smells coming from this candy shop and tell me you could resist!!

Like a Herder leading his Sheep, I naively followed my nose and ended up in this little store and couldn’t resist getting some of my own.  Offered a taste, the man behind the counter handed me a chunk almost triple the size of a quarter!

Sheesh, ya’ll are sure friendly in Nawlins!

With that bite, I tasted the deep sweetness embedded in this one little bite and felt an immediate rush of joy. Or was that the sugar? Who cares, it was yummy!  I went with two smaller pieces of the Rum Praline flavor and had a bill of a little under $3.  Reasonable prices for handmade treats, I believe!

One thing I did learn while there? While I, a Floridian, was saying, “Pray-leans” while the staff in the store proudly proclaimed, ” Prah-leans”.  What an eye-opening moment, LOL! I appreciate that no one laughed but simply repeated themselves as if to be teaching me.  A new lesson and a new treat to add to my list of yummy faves.


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