Holiday Cocktail Recipes


Christmas, cookies, and cocktails – oh my! I love a themed cocktail! Shoot, I just love a theme. And a cocktail, lol. So I figured for this Crazy 2020 Christmas, why not share two holiday faves for all of my fab folks out there?!


The best thing is? The ingredients for both are quite similar, allowing you to create a version for your guests! (Whom I hope are masked and socially-distanced as you enjoy them!)





Santa meets Carrie Bradshaw

  • Vodka
  • Triple-Sec/Orange Liqueur
  • Cranberry Juice
  • ½ – 1 Lime
  • Fresh Cranberries to Garnish
  • Candy Cane to Garnish
  • Red Sugar/Apple Juice or Cider for the Rim
  • Ice





  1. Roll your glass rim in juice; shake excess liquid
  2. Roll glass in sugar around the rim until covered
  3. In your cocktail shaker, combine the juice of your lime, cranberry juice, vodka, & Triple-Sec with the ice; Shake!
  4. Strain cocktail into glass
  5. Add cranberries to your cocktail and garnish with a candy cane
  6. Sip it before Santa comes!







Holiday Bubbly, with a Splash!

  • Champagne
  • Triple-Sec/Orange Liqueur
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Fresh Cranberries to Garnish
(I actually mixed mine a different way originally as my ingredients were cold, but I recommend starting with step 1!)






  1. Add Ice, Triple-Sec/Orange Liqueur, and Cranberry Juice into your cocktail shaker – Shake until cold
  2. Add Cranberries to a champagne glass
  3. Strain cocktail shaker mixture into your glass
  4. Top off with Champagne!


*Want to make Poinsiettas in bulk? Step 1 can be done the evening before, then just add fresh bubbly!



What are your favorite holiday cocktails?!


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