Travel Guide – Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin, Texas

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Location: 1101 Baylor Street Austin, TX

Type: Art, Museum, Attraction

Cost: Free


I absolutely love art!  No, I’m not investing like Bey and Jay, but creating and viewing art has always been special to me since I joined my Elementary school art program as a kid.  And as an art-lover, I understand that art comes in so many different forms.  One of my favorites? Graffiti.

So when I was preparing my Austin itinerary, I was super hype to come across the beautiful Hope Outdoor Gallery!  Created in 2011, the Gallery is a project fueled by the non-profit, Hope Events and artist, Shepard Fairley.  An inspiring and jaw-dropping site to see, the art explosion has provided opportunities and growth for many in the community since it’s inception and continues to draw crowds on a daily basis.  Free to visit, I was in awe of the beauty I was experiencing in just one space.  Museums are great and all, but visiting Hope Outdoor will give you all that a museum offers and more.

I loved that I could feel the creative energy that lingered in Hope Outdoor!  With visitors of all kinds looking upon the walls as if they were peering at the Mona Lisa herself, it was truly art.  There were soooo many pieces and it was so hot LOL, I only managed to view a bit of the art sadly.  There is more than one level so I can only imagine what wonders await me when I finally make it up to the next level!


And no, you can’t just pop up and paint! All who paint at Hope Outdoor have to be registered so be sure to reach out and get your creativity out with permission!  There’s so much more to Hope Outdoor than I even got to experience and I can’t wait to visit again!

Have you ever been to Hope Outdoor Gallery?

If so, what was your favorite part?


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