Living Room Updo under $100!

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​So, I’m a professional painter now. At least that’s what I’m telling everyone after I successfully painted my living room on my own 😭 Book me!

I’m super excited because I love my little apartment but it needed some personality! In November, my absolutely wonderful Mom visited and added my first doses of decor fabulousness with seemingly subtle changes that made a BIG difference. With her addition of curtains in the living room. & dining room, proper coordination of my wall decor and so much more, she hooked me upppp! (I❤️U Mommy!)

She would have painted the whole place if she had the time!! But the task was left to me and I took it head on. I went back and forth with ideas of what color I wanted on the walls, should I go modern? Clean and classy? Bold? What?! Being in the housing business, I’m around so many people who know how an apartment should look so I’ve got a wealth of knowledge steps away everyday. Chatting with my friend Rebecca, I told her about my gold accents and she brought up pale pink. Hmm. You’d think that’d be my first thought because its my favorite color but I thought it’d be too much. Hearing it from someone else, I didn’t feel as crazy 😂

So I headed to Lowe’s on a search for the most perfect princess pink possible! I love how all of the shades are color-coordinated, my personal fave obsessive way to organize. I headed over to the violets and reds and picked out 2 cards from Valspar paint.

Why Valspar? I saw a can or two at my mom’s house, so I knew they had to be doing something right if she used them LOL (great reasoning, I know) I went with “Lucky You”, a soft pink with almost a hint of lavender in the right light. For only $30+tax for a gallon, more than enough for my living room, as cheap as I am, I considered it as a grown-up buy so I couldn’t expect to pay $10. With borrowed supplies from Rebecca, (I saved $10 by being a cheapskate but I saw paint kits @ Lowes for cheap!) I geared myself up to make a BIG change on a dime.

[check out my DIY Bar Cart instructions on this post!] 

My girlfriends said I painted the room fast, it didn’t seem so fast to me but I think about 30 minutes later, I was all done.  When I get to starting a project, I move like a ninja! After painting and rearranging all of my furniture, I began to sort through the different pieces of decor I had laying on my living room floor for months, unaware of where I should nail them up. Champagne & Gold being my accent colors, I set out to make the rest of the decor look almost regal among the bright, yet dainty pink walls.  Adding a few of my favorite gold, black, and glitter pieces to my growing gallery wall put the perfect balance to the walls, avoiding the crowded look I feared. Paired with my dark brown/black furniture, I’m so happy with how my living room turned out! I still have a few additions needed to complete the room, but I love the updo!


  • Valspar Paint in “Lucky You” from Lowes – $31+tax
  • Paint Kit – $10 @ Lowes
  • Blue Painting Tape – $6 @ Lowes
  • Assorted Wall Decor – All under $10 @ Marshalls, Ross or Big Lots
  • Assorted Throw Pillows – All under $12 @ Marshalls, Ross or Big Lots [Big Lots does a great deal of 2/$12 pillow sets!)
  • Bar Cart – Created by me for under $40!! Check out the steps here



  1. January 30, 2018 / 4:27 pm

    Love it ! Definitely has a lot of character & more of your personality now! Great job !!

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