My $10 DIY Record Player Cart!

What brings you peace?  I have so many things, people and places that I’ve found bring me peace and when I find it, I embrace it! Music is one of those peaceful portions of my life. Whatever the form, whatever the genre, I can always find a way to express my emotions, to feel what’s going on in the hearts and minds of others and man, what a joy.


One portion of the music world that I’m late to the party on? Vinyl Records! Of course, I’ve listened to them before, I’ve seen the influencers decorating their walls with albums and seen the boom in recent artists getting back into sharing their tunes via records – but EYE never had them.


Now I do!


When I lucked up on one of my latest thrifted carts, I just knew I wasn’t going to make another bar cart, lol. I have one in my dining room and one of the deck, but I barely entertain and rarely drink anything beyond a glass of wine or a spiked seltzer!! But I love them. J So for this cart, I had other plans.  I wanted this piece to be “different” and to serve as a way to chill vs. turn up like the bar carts, lol.


So I decided that it was finally time for me to join the club and get a record player! My Victrola Record Player is from Target and once I had it in my hands, I was ready to rethink my cart!






It started off as this old, brown cart and bleh – not the flashiest, but sturdy!








A few quick steps!


  • I started by wiping down the cart as it was incredibly dusty! The surface wasn’t my main concern but the rest that would be spray painted so I did a light sweep with a moist paper towel


  • Using less than half a can of Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint ($4 ea!), I took to spraying down this bad boy with 2-coats and let it shine!! With the boho-style of my house, I stick to gold & black fixtures, lots of nude shades, and lots of plants (faux and natural!)



  • From there, contact paper time! Y’all know I love myself some marble contact paper lol I’d cover my life in it if I could! The contact paper is tricky to deal with. Although incredibly handy and easy, the stickiness can leave you a bit frustrated at times so be patient! I ended up putting my contact paper down around midnight one night when I felt I had the patience to deal vs. rushing.  Don’t be afraid to pick up the pieces to adjust air bubbles and creases, it will still stick with adjustments 


  • Decorate that bad boy! I actually had two different versions of the cart: the version you see with the smaller pieces of décor & basket holding the albums, and one that was far more minimal and had a magazine holder for the albums; My mom preferred the first so boom, that’s the winner 😉


This was an incredibly easy project that simply required a lightbulb going off in my head!

I can’t wait for my next DIY!







Items Used

  • Victrola Record Player – $35 from Target
  • Cart – $7 thrifted from Goodwill
  • Contact Paper – $4 from Walmart (I only used a small portion and tons left for my next few projects!)
  • Baskets – All thrifted and laying around the house
  • Décor – All from around the house and from Ross/TJ Maxx
  • Jazz Art – My favorite piece from my mom that I’ve had since I was in college
  • Chair – $3 from Goodwill. Yes, THREE DOLLARS!
  • Rug – About $15, Totally don’t remember where I got it from because it’s been laying in my house forever! I just moved the location J
  • Wooden Elephant – $2 Thrift
  • Albums – All used were under $7 from Hear Again Records in Gainesville, FL and the Amy Winehouse is from Target


Would this Record Player Cart be a piece you’d have in your home? What records would you stock it with?!


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