My Top-Secret Weapon for Traveling on a $ Plan!

Since I caught the travel bug this time last year, I’ve made it my point to keep my trips flowing. Whether domestic or international, when I see a great flight deal, I want to grab it!

But we all know, if I’m living on a dime, there’s no way I can or should just buy multiple flights outright as much as I love to travel.

I’m lucky enough to be able to travel without going into debt or missing bills, but still being cheap, I like to have options!! One thing about me is, if there’s a way to split up a 3 or 4-figure purchase in advance, I will even if I have the funds to make it happen now. Sounds crazy to some but I don’t spend over $100 on ANYTHING unless it’s a bill, a vacation or a gift. When I have multiple trips in progress I feel so much better when I can spread my trip budget around with time to breathe. This allows me to book more trips and splurge more if needed in other areas because I’m not dropping hundreds/thousands in one sitting! 

What’s this secret weapon?


When I first heard about this company, it sounded way too good to be true but it wasn’t!

What is Airfordable? Airfordable is a website that books and saves your flight, and you simply pay it off in 4 installments.

You choose the frequency – (every 2, 3 or 4 weeks) and pay them a small percentage of the price to book, (It usually ends up being about 13%, I’ve paid between $20 – $40) and continue to pay on your installments and you receive your ticket within a week of flying or sooner!

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Simply find your specific flight departure/destination, your seat (if applicable) and simply send a screenshot of those details + price/tax and submit to Airfordable for payment!

This is great for anyone who continues to put off traveling because they don’t want to drop the full total of the flight or if you’re like me, and you like to spread your money around when possible.  Because I personally don’t use a credit card, everythingggg I buy is paid in full so Airfordable is my way of “credit”.  If you use a credit card to make purchases normally, Airfordable’s interest rate is most likely LOWER than your credit cards interest rate and still uses a payment method system.

I appreciate that there’s no fine print when it comes to Airfordable, they want to ensure that you fully understand their system and it’s appreciated! The payments are usually on the same day of the week that you purchased and are automatically pulled from your bank account on file. There are no surprise payments because you are informed of your down payment along with the amount to be charged within the four payment dates.

Here’s how a payment breakdown looks: 

A few of my favorite other points about Airfordable besides the obvious? I love that the flight is (of course) in my name, I can choose which type of seat I’d like, (I’m a window seat kinda chick) I can use the flight towards my airline miles, and all specifications like seat selection are up for choosing even when using Airfordable!

So today when you’re seeing all of the amazing trips that you can be taking, when you’re viewing the flight deals that I’m dropping on my Instagram stories, BOOK IT!! But book it with Airfordable and reserve your ticket with a small down payment. I believe in saving up for a trip when possible, but I also believe in making things happen while working smarter, not harder. Instead of saying: “I can’t afford it!” Find that dream flight that you’ve been eyeing, head over to the Airfordable calculator and see how much $ it will take to set off on your vacay!

To Know Prior to Booking:

  • Flights must be $200+ and over
  • You can have 5 open bookings on your account
  • You are able to choose which type of seat you’d like and/or specific seat choice (you must make this choice prior to submitting your itinerary, as most seat assignments will result in an extra fee from the airline)
  • Any miles/points accrued from your flight are yours!  If you haven’t already signed up with ALL of the major airlines’ loyalty programs, what are you waiting on?! You are able to go back onto that airline’s website and enter your flight confirmation information to have the miles/points added onto your account.
  • Trip must be over 19 days away
  • You cannot submit an itinerary from, but can choose a Spirit flight from other travel ticket sites
  • Once you’ve started your payment plan, you are required to pay a cancellation fee if needed. I’ve never had to do this but they have wonderful customer service, I’m sure the Airfordable team would be happy to discuss further!

Want to get $25 towards your first Airfordable booking? Sign up with my referral!



  1. Sharon
    January 19, 2019 / 6:44 am

    Thank you for this! I’m going to check it out

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