Summer 17: A decadent dinner date out

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Everybody loves a dinner date out! Well, at least we do. Joman and I absolutely love food, whether its out at a restaurant, food truck event, or at home.  This night we were feeling a lil fancy and decided on dinner at a place we once visited for drinks once before called Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails. Nestled along a beautiful body of water, we went against our normal al fresca table and opted for a booth seat in the spacious yet, busy, downstairs dining room. With the option of downstairs dining, outdoors seating, bar and upstairs social dining room + patio, Moxie gave us plenty of romantic options and our seats were the perfect choice.

J and I had been discussing deviled eggs a lot in the days approaching our dinner out. Yes, deviled eggs are among our many deep discussions LOL We had been seeing them offered on number of menus during our recent dates out and couldn’t figure out if this was all the new rage or what, but I loveeee boiled eggs, deviled eggs so we had to try! We ordered the Deviled Farm Eggs which came in 4 different varieties that were all soooo good. Can you imagine seeing two greedy people slicing deviled eggs in half to share?? LOL I wanted to make sure we each got a bite of the varieties and we were biggg fans of them all.

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For drinks, J went with his fave, an Old Fashioned with Walnut Bitters and I went with La Fiera Pinot Grigio to pair with a light fare. For dinner, J got a classy version of one of his favorite meals, Chicken & Waffles. Paired with Waffle Pudding, Maple Mousse, Pepper Jelly and Collard Greens, I can tell you that this meal was TOOOO BOMB. The chicken was perfectly fried and seasoned, the sweetness from the waffle pudding paired with the sweet & spicy kick from the Maple Mousse + Pepper Jelly was an amazing combo!


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I was feeling “light” for the night so I went with the Rainbow Trout.  Paired with Almond Salsa, Seared Broccoli, Charred Lemon and Whipped Potatoes. Do you see those big a** pieces of fish!? Gracioussss. This meal was perfectly cooked, light but filling and so fresh. The Charred Lemon was the icing on the cake as it added the perfect amount of acidity to the dish to top off the tasty seafood dish.

And for the grand finale – the highly recommended Mac & Cheese. Sigh. Look at it. So golden brown, cheesy, filled with what simply has to be the Lords nectar… and I couldn’t eat it!! LAMEEE! I quit dairy for the most part in June and if I allow myself anything, it’s only accidental cheese shreds that may grace a taco of mine or simply taking just oneeee bite. J kills me because he tempts me with it and then reminds me I’m not supposed to be eating it LOL but always shares! It was sooo good! The portion was so huge, we ended up leaving with half!

So another fabulous meal in the books! I don’t believe every meal has to be cheap or that every meal has to include wine and candlelight (if only!) I’m all about the experience and the company you get to enjoy so I’ll call this dinner a WIN.


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