Summer 17: My 1st Visit to Lush!

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I’m pretty sure the word is out that I absolutely love bath and body care.  If you’ve never heard of LUSH, I’m pretty sure you’ve been living under a rock.

A major company that boasts several Vegetarian, cruelty-free and environment friendly products and business practices, these products are also AMAZING. Pricey? Yes. But being a lover of items they sell, whether it be their famous Bath Bombs, Shower Tabs, Face Masks and more, their reputation proceeds them. With all of my LUSH knowledge, I had never set foot into one of their stores due to the cities I’ve lived in never having one. I was doomed to imagine the scents as I scrolled through their site like a window-shopping puppy, SHAME.

Until now.

While visiting my sweetheart, J, we walked the local shopping area and encountered LUSH. Oh. My. Gawd. Ya’ll know I tripped! I haddd to drag him in, luckily, he was a sweetheart as always and knew we were going in no matter what. The scents that filled the air were heavenlyyyy! I wasn’t suffocated with too many fragrances or overwhelmed, the balance of fruity, savory, sweet and spa-like scents eased us into this world of products. The wedding cake sized portions of soap, bath bombs the size of juicy, Florida grapefruit and Face Mask Bar, all screamed, “BUY ME AND BE RELAXED FOREVAAAAA!!!!”

I think I’m the only one who heard that, but it was said, I swear!

After sniffing tons of soaps, body conditioners, bath bombs and more, I settled on the Mask of Magnaminty – Face and Body Mask, a Green Tea Bath Bomb & Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner . After those three purchases, I felt like I should never pull my debit card out again. But I see why the items are pricey! They’re made with amazing, natural ingredients and after using them for a week or two, I see that they’re made for prolonged use and they don’t skimp!

Check out the items I grabbed!

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Ever purchased from LUSH? Tell me all about it!

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