WCW: Meaghan Taylor, “The BOSS”

This BOSS is DEFINITELY one of my faves to follow on her amazing journey into the rest and best of her life.

I remember “meeting” Meaghan for the first time over Facebook a few months before she started as a Freshman at Florida A&M University.  She reached out wanting to know more about our schools Journalism program, which was my initial major when I started school, and I was immediately amazed by her maturity and her confidence displayed even through Facebook messages.  Although only a year older than her, I got to know her early on as a “little sister” but learned very soon that there was nothing childish about this amazing young woman with BIG plans brewing.

As much as she is sweet as pie, she is also a business woman like I’ve never even seen! She hit the ground running on our campus radio station, WANM 90.5 as “The Sweetest Girl on the Radio” and it only went up from there.

Everywhere I turned in J-School, I feel like Meaghan had left her mark whether it was writing, TV and especially the radio! I watched her brand herself and her skills with such ease, after she graduated from FAMU, I wasn’t surprised to see that she had made a career out of her charismatic attitude, confidence and hard work.  Simply being The Sweetest Girl in Radio with fans, supporters and incoming gigs alike was nowhere near the end of Meaghan’s road.

Over a year ago, Meaghan created a Networking & Empowerment Organization for female DJs called, Women in Radio and WOW.  As I watched the Women in Radio brand pop up on my Instagram, then my Facebook, then Twitter, and even Apple News! I was in awe of how smoothly she setup her brand, despite how much work I KNOW she had to put in to prepare Women in Radio for public consumption. Through Women in Radio, Meaghan and her fellow DJs offer tips & advice, learning sessions, networking events, and SO much more. I have seen dozens of women gracing my timelines with her signature black & pink Women in Radio Baseball Caps and shirts, the movement is REAL! After reading this  2016 study, I came to realize just how few women are on the radio! In 2016, women only accounted for less than 32% of ALL radio markets! That’s just one of the many reasons why Meaghan’s Women in Radio is important and so needed.

Meaghan @ her recent Women in Radio event held at FAMU! Meaghan @ her recent Women in Radio event held at FAMU!

In a world where women were once thought to only be fit to be Mothers, Nurses, Teachers, etc., I love to see that this young woman showing other ladies that we truly can do anything we set our minds to. AND, that there IS a space for us on radio and that we can all do it together, no competition needed. And that’s what Women in Radio has offered to our female DJs of the world.

A woman who is not going to spill all the secrets of what’s to come, you better ALWAYS be prepared for Meaghan to brewing up something wonderful and groundbreaking when you least expect it!

Think of her as the Beyoncé of Radio because my girl has always got something up her sleeve and I am so excited to continue to watch her growth, success and her journey to uplifting her fellow women in Radio all around the world.

Name: Meaghan “Meag” Taylor

Age: 26

Occupation: Producer at iHeartRadio Miami, Owner of Women In Radio,Instructor at Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Miami campus

Hometown: I moved around a lot as a kid. I was born in Alton,Illinois and lived in Chicago,Nashville,Vero Beach, FL.

Glam Bag Must-Have?: Lipgloss , Mascara, Lashes, and Q-tips

Your ‘Diva on a Dime’ Tip for Saving $?: Don’t buy it unless you can buy it twice. Sale racks are my only friends.

Little Known Facts About You?: A lot of times I come off very serious and quiet, but I’m actually funny. I don’t eat eggs or cheese. When I was 18, I was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial.

3 words that describe you: Beautiful (inside and out), Smart, Determined

3 words that describe your mission in life: Passion, Love, Happiness

At this age, what is your mission in life?: My mission in life right now is to be genuinely happy, no matter what that looks like to others.

Why do you do what you do?: I like to help people achieve their goals. It makes me feel amazing.

What’s the greatest piece of advice ever given to you?: ” F them, do you.” I think I made that up, but it works in any situation. LOL

Who’s your WCW and why?: My Mom, she’s strong, beautiful, and always makes a way out of no way.

What is your message for young girls and women around the world?: Find out who you are and be that person 24/7. Don’t change for anyone or anything. Wake up every morning, look yourself in the mirror and give yourself some words of encouragement.

Meaghan @ her recent Women in Radio event held at FAMU!

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