20 Ways to Show Yourself Some Self-Care Love

I’ve given myself the title of Queen of Self-Care.


No, no one else needed to give me that name, I decided to own it myself.   Self-Care isn’t all about bubble baths and sheet masks!  That may be what my followers may see when they see me speaking of Self-Care, but it truly is a lifestyle change that I have made in my life and it has done wonders for me.  I’ve suffered from Depression and Anxiety for about 10 years now and spent years harming myself emotionally and socially due to pain I wasn’t handling.  And this didn’t change ten years ago, I only stopped this personal reign of terror about 3 years ago after I left a volatile relationship that definitely wasn’t helping in how I treated myself internally or externally.  Once I left, I vowed to treat myself better, talk to myself more softly because we never realize that we can truly beat ourselves up without ever saying a word.


How would we feel if someone else talked to us how we talk to ourselves?


So I made a change.  Beyond simply taking better care of my skin which makes me feel beautiful on the outside, I started nourishing my passions, my desires and I started to be honest with myself about my mental healthcare and changes that needed to be made.  I’ve made such wonderful strides since then!  Understanding that I can only be myself but continuing to nourish my mind, body and soul on the daily?  Life changing.


The act of self-care is just that, actively taking care of yourself: spiritually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and professionally

Self-Care isn’t only for the moments when you find yourself sad!  Practice self-care on the regular so that you can refuel and renew!


Here are just a few of my favorite ways to practice self-care!

How do you show yourself self-care?


Journal and write out what is currently stressing you out and end with 10 things you’re grateful for in that very moment


Plan a DIY Spa Night at home for 1!


Try out guided meditation to soothe your mind and body


Unplug from social media and entertainment, allow yourself some peace & quiet and relax your mind


Light a candle with a scent that calms you (Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint & Lavender are my faves and are thought to soothe!)


De-clutter your home, car and office if you get the opportunity!  Clean surroundings say a lot about us, especially our emotional state!


Do something that you’ve been putting off, no more excuses!


Create a vision board, write down how you plan to make those visions come true


Enjoy a Netflix binge! (Or Hulu, if you’re into that)


Enjoy some casual reading with no interruptions


Treat yourself!  Shopping doesnt’ always have to have a big price tag, maybe just a Latte or a new pair of shoes? 😉


That song you love?  Listen to it, and on repeat!


Take yourself out for an adventure!  Take a relaxing walk around your city and clear your mind


Create! Whether its coloring, painting, woodwork or whatever, treat yourself by creating something beautiful


Call a friend or family member who calms you!  Only those who bring you peace, as it can be quite stressful to have a conversation with someone you know is bringing drama.


Go to bed early.  For so many, staying up late is survival of the fittest – for some of us, it’s a safe haven.  It’s recommended that we all have 8 hours of sleep a day, why not treat yourself to those 8 hours plus an extra one or two?


Be honest with yourself!  Whether that means that you shouldn’t be spending $200+ on spa self-care, or if it means that perhaps you should be focusing on your physical self-care more than in the past.


Schedule an appointment with a therapist or counselor to be certain that your mental healthcare is being managed (Don’t have healthcare? Many employers offer a program for employee wellness that will allow you 3+ free sessions!)


Don’t force yourself to do anything that you don’t want, learn to say no to requests sometimes! (Be mindful of this! No, we don’t want to pay bills, but its a necessary evil)


Take some solo time for yourself!  It’s so easy to retreat into the arms of our friends, but often, we need to recharge and reboot on our own to truly focus on what our bodies/lives may be needed



It’s so difficult to put out love, care and labor for those around you if you never refuel and refill!  Sometimes, it’s simply taking a few moments to yourself with no interruptions.  I know that all of us may not have that time or opportunity, so we have to make it!  We owe it to ourselves!!

Self-Care for one person may be a shopping trip, a bubble bath for another, a prayer corner for one and a counseling session for another.

Whatever it is that you choose to do, make it be the best option for YOU because there truly is only one of you, and one of me.  Why don’t we treat ourselves real nice while we’re here? 😉



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