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Hi! I’m Erica aka The Fab Diva on a Dime.

A Twenty-Something Floridian, outside of being the host of this FAB blog, I’m also a Social Media and PR Professional. A FAMU Rattler, I’ve spent most of my adulthood in leadership, pageantry and Sexual Assault Counseling/Public Speaking.

I would love to say that I don’t know where my love of cooking, DIY, and beauty comes from, but I come from a family of creatives who always seemed like experts to me. A Grandfather who spends spare time crafting amazing pieces from a simple cut of wood, a Mother who can walk into a room and have it mentally redecorated within 15 min, a sister with experience as Makeup Artist & Fashionista, believe me, the list goes on! A theater nerd from way back, I’ve always found myself loving fabulous items but always being too cheap to pull the trigger at times! With a fabulous mother and an equally awesome, but price-savvy Dad, (like how I worded that instead of calling him cheap?) I was bound to pair the two at some point!

Still building my own life in adulthood, through this site I share my personal journeys in adventures and $$$ saving, in hopes that it will help you too!



I hope you’re reading this blog like we’re old friends, hanging around and enjoying a glass of wine while chatting… because that’s exactly what we are!  I’ve experienced a lot of life at my young age but still understand that there’s always more to learn, more to explore and I relish the opportunity to make that happen.  The questions and topics you and your friends gab about on the regular? I hope to house those discussions here, and always keep this a safe space! So whether the topic of the day is my OOTD, Music, Food, Love or whatever may come to mind, I hope each post resonates with you and helps guide you into your most FABulous life!

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