Food Finds: Fete au Fete in New Orleans, LA

Location: 2381 St Claude Ave New Orleans, LA 70119 in St. Roch Market

Cuisine: Cajun/Creole

Pricing: $-$$

One of my first stops on my latest visit to NOLA, Fete au Fete had been on my list to try vs. the other restaurants in the market due to the rave reviews I read prior to.  St. Roch Market, always a foodie staple, I was ready to enjoy a yummy meal at one of the many options in the market.  I opted for the Sausage Gumbo, and within about 3 minutes, my meal was ready.  I grabbed my bowl of Gumbo and went to sit and have a drink at the nearby bar.

Champagne Cocktail from the Mayhaw, Gumbo from Fete au Fete

As I began to dig into my dish, I enjoyed the flavor of the gumbo but unfortunately, it was only faintly warm.  After a walk in the chilly weather, I had my stomach set on a piping-hot bowl of Gumbo and unfortunately, I didn’t receive that here.  NOW, I will say that I did not go back over to request a new bowl as I was caught up in a conversation with a famed local Chef who was eating nearby. I’m sure that if I would have asked, issues would have been fixed as the staff was kind.  The meal itself was about a B, as I have had better Gumbo even outside of Louisiana and was disappointed in the small portion of rice given for such a big bowl of Gumbo.  I wish it was meatier vs. the large amount of broth I had, but it was a solid meal.  May not be my first choice when I return to St. Roch, but I know that the passion and skills are there, maybe I just visited on a wrong day. I’ll try the highly recommended Shrimp & Grits next time. 😉


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