Food Finds: NOSH in New Orleans, LA

Location: 752 Tchoupitoulas St New Orleans, LA 70130

Cuisine: Bar, Tapas

Pricing: $$


When searching for an Oyster Happy Hour on New Year’s Eve, I was having major struggles. But luckily, I stumbled upon NOSH and read great reviews about the location and service and figured, “Why not?”

I navigated to this spot after being dropped off by the streetcar a few blocks away, and I truly thought I was lost.  Tucked far into some dark and seemingly winding roads from where I was dropped off, I was so happy when I finally came across the dimly lit restaurant that beckoned me in from the chilly NOLA evening.

Upon entry, I was taken aback by the beauty of the dim restaurant, and in love with the bushels of balloons that floated above me and lined every corner of the ceiling.  What a place to celebrate 2019!  A solo diner, I chose a little bistro table near the window and got comfortable.  I believe the staff thought I was waiting for one more so it took a little minute to get a waitress but when I did, she was splendid and attentive, but not hovering which is a quality that means everything to me when eating out.

Because there was no line as I expected of a hip spot like NOSH, I started off with a Lavender de Creme Champagne while reviewing the menu despite already knowing what I came there for.  This drink was absolutely gorgeous with its violet hues paired with the fizzy bubbles I love in Champagne.  Although tasty, it was a bit sweeter than expected.

For dinner, I stuck to my guns and ordered the Raw Louisiana Oysters that were going for $.50 on Happy Hour.

Now, did I need TWO dozen for my 115lb. self? Probably not.  But I ate almost 20 of them and I wanted to be airlifted to the streetcar. But man, they were HUGE oysters!  Prepped over ice with the usual horseradish, crackers and cocktail sauce, I’m sure the waitress judged me all night but I regret nothing.

Paired with the beautiful, calm location, this meal cost me less than $23 with tip and helped me ring in the New Year with class. 😉


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