Food Finds: Slim Goodies Diner in New Orleans, LA

Location: 3322 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70115

Cuisine: Breakfast & Brunch

Pricing: $$

A quirky little diner located near the Garden District, Slim Goodies Diner was on my list simply because of the name as it’s one of my nicknames lol. Looking a little further, I found that Slim Goodies wasn’t just any diner, but a local fave and I knew I wanted to add it to my list when visiting the Garden District.

When I arrived, all of the tables were full but a nice gentleman escorted me to the countertop which gave me a great view of the cooks in the kitchen and all of the delicious plates being crafted.  With a menu offering various savory-sounding meals, I went in with the Creole Slammer on my mind.  As I sipped on my Mimosa (barely there OJ, my kinda spot), I eyed the description of the meal, “hash browns drowned in Slim’s own crawfish etouffee, two eggs & a biscuit to soak up the goodie juices that flow, swamp power”… who could turn that down?!

While I waited for my meal, I asked the Host to be a sweetheart and snap my pic and he did so happily and man, what a photographer!! There was a little wait for my food, as I think I sat for about 15 minutes awaiting my plate but you can’t argue with fresh!  Soon, a mountain of food was placed in front of me and all of my training as a greedy girl flashed before my eyes.  Chunks of delicious crawfish covered in etouffee gravy stared back at me and before I knew it, I was halfway through the plate and struggling to figure out how I would continue my walking tour around the neighborhood.  So delicious!! I would have loved just a BIT more flavor to the crawfish and softer hashbrowns, but the gravy was delicious and the biscuit was absolutely phenomenal.

The ambiance of this place is one that simply screams, “Come in, and stay a while!” And the food will definitely have you wanting to stay.


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