Headboards Under $200!

Tufted Glory!

Now that I have my perfect headboard, I can’t see how I lived a glam life without it. Now that I have one, I feel as if I MAY be a real adult. Don’t quote me on that. But I have been dreamingggg of a tufted headboard for SO long but I’m just so dern cheap! It’s a sickness. My mom being the Decor Diva she is, has gorgeous headboards in every bedroom of her home so I’ve taking a liking to them and started to feel like my bed was totally incomplete without one!

So my search began.

I wanted to get fancy in the beginning, spend $400+ like everyone else. I told myself, “GIRL. You deserve.” I almosttt believed it. I don’t listen to that little voice in my head if the price tag is over $20 LOL. During this time of consideration, I planned and priced out how much $ and time it would take for me to make my own headboard. Yes I’m handy and COULD have made one myself, but this is when I separate my crafting cheapness from my fabulous decor loving side.  Although I LOVE making a piece my own, there are some items I want to ensure are well-crafted, beautiful and able to stick with me a for long time. With limited car space and tools, (I’ve got my eyes on a beautiful pink tool set!) I decided that my headboard would be one project I skipped.

Upon my research, I was told by various friends and co-workers to visit a few different sites (Wayfair, Overstock, Ashley Furniture, etc.) Yeah, nope. Not for me. Other people’s idea of cheap is still more than I want to pay LOL. So I ventured to Amazon. My favorite thing about Amazon (as if I could limit it to just one!) is the fabulous filter! I always choose Prime, always 4 Stars + and specify the price I’m looking for. I figured that my ideal price was $100-$150. If I couldn’t find one that caught my eye in that price range,  I was either being too cheap or wasn’t looking hard enough.

And then I found one. Then another. Then three more.

All exactly what I was searching for!

Instead of taking everyone elses’ word, instead of rushing into a purchase, I took my time and found what was perfect for me… and saved $250+ while I was at it!

My new headboard! New linens to come soon but until then, this will do just fine!
Yes, that’s gray paint on my feet LOL. Along with a new headboard, I repainted my bedroom this day and just before I jumped into bed to rest for justtt a sec, I accidentally stepped on my still-wet drop cloth. Oh the mess! (Hey Babs!)

[wpvideo 9FCpzuJs]

Here a few of my favorite Headboards found on Amazon for under $200!*

*Prices based on Queen size without expert assembly and taxes

  1. 91BKIGrbRaL._SL1500_.jpg – $148 – Click Here for Details!
  2. 91hLay-yXZL._SL1500_.jpg – $175 – Click Here For Details!
  3. 81v5ZMuO8mL._SL1500_.jpg – $97 – Click Here for Details!
  4. A1fthjFmN1L._SL1500_.jpg – $199 – Click Here for Details!
  5. 5170VZg-SeL.jpg – $175 – Click Here for Details!
  6. A1Omh01MQCL._SL1500_.jpg – $150 – Click Here for Details!
  7. 81CBGuhIHvL._SL1500_.jpg – $146 – Click Here for Details!
  8. 91GXnFMDCNL._SL1500_.jpg – $196 – Click Here for Details!
  9. 71G2ybgQfWL._SL1024_.jpg – $140 – Click Here for More Details!
  10. 81ElRExM1GL._SL1500_.jpg – $159 – Click Here for More Details!
  11. 91oRKd3CjsL._SL1500_.jpg – $105 – Click Here for More Details!
  12. 815kyMsvcpL._SL1500_.jpg – $156 – Click Here for More Details!

And for the most fabulous one that I was not bold enough to purchase…

51a7S8WRSiL.jpg – $164 – Click Here for More Details!

Happy Shopping!!!



  1. May 22, 2017 / 3:08 pm

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been trying to find one that I love and I’m gagging over number 8. Screen shotted (is that a word..) and sent to bae! Need asap. Thanks again love.

    p.s. Your blog is so cute. Will be back <3

    • DimeDiva
      May 22, 2017 / 5:08 pm

      Thanks so much Lala!! I’m so happy you liked it! ❤️

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