My Fab Goals for July!

A new month is here, what do you plan to do with it?  I usually make yearly goals, or goals on the fly and never look back at them again.  Great.  Kinda defeats the purpose right?  Well, that all ends this July!!  I believe that putting your goals and plans out into the world leaves you with so many others keeping you accountable and you find yourself wanting to scratch off as many completed items as possible.  It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to cross goals/plans achieved off of your list!


The strategy is: don’t over promise yourself, don’t overbook and don’t overdo it!

Yes, a goal may be to make more money in the coming month but would $1 million be the realistic number?  I wish.  But there’s no reason that you can’t say, “Make/Earn 2x last months income” and make that happen.  And if you dont achieve all of your goals, there’s no shame in that!  Add those goals to next month’s goal list and evaluate the reasoning behind why it was not completed the previous month.  Perhaps you did not have enough time, maybe the other goals required more than you expected and the incomplete goal was not as vital as the others.  There are reasons for everything, don’t look at it as “I failed!”, every goal you complete is truly an accomplishment!


Here are my July Goals that I’m shooting to accomplish!


Experience more of the fun that awaits me right outside of my front door in Gainesville, FL!

Do a closet makeover!  Ditch the unworn, unloved items and replace them with lasting pieces that I love!

Actually use my gym membership! …at least 2 times a week to start.  Let’s be real, 2 times would be a shock.

Limit my Beef and Pork intake

Spend more time on my Freelance work

Send some money to Fed Loan and their beggin’ selves -__-

Write and work more out in the Sun


Those are my July goals that I’m hoping to make happen!


These are the goals that I am GOING to make happen!

What are your goals for the month?


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