Mother's Day Gift Guide Under $50!

Ah, Mother’s Day.

The holiday that gets us all in our feelings, has us considering selling off all of our worldly possessions in hopes of somehow obtaining enough money to buy our mothers the castles, diamonds and furs they truly deserve.  I feel like I always somehow fall short on holidays with my mom. How do you gift the woman who brought you into this world?! When we were kids we could get away with homemade cards, macaroni smiley faces, beaded bracelets handcrafted with care… but we’ve got jobs now. Still broke! But we’ve got jobs now which means that we should try a litttttle harder than the colored pictures she used to adore putting up on the fridge every year, let’s get grown up about Mother’s Day! 

(Mother’s Day Gift Guide Under $50!)

I don’t think I saw this picture until today. She recently cut her locs and went  blonde and looks even more beautiful!! 

My Queen with her new do!

My mom is the best. I know everyone says this about their mom, but mine really is lol. We lovingly refer to her by her first name, not out of disrespect (because even at my age, Mommy is what I prefer) but showing just how close we are.  Always a beauty, her radiant smile has lit up every room I’ve stood in with her, she’s what heaven must smell like, my voice mimics hers with a little less power but similar nonetheless. She’s always been strong, confident, so caring and actually one of the funniest people I know.  I can’t think back on a time when I needed her, needed something, needed love, and she didn’t provide. They say that, “home is where the heart is” and let me tell you that if I don’t feel at home anywhere else, when I’m standing next to her, I’m at peace.  

Mother’s Day doesn’t simply celebrate biological mothers, but mother-figures, soon-to-be mothers, those who took care of you when no one else did no matter their age, etc.  In a world that leaves so many to assume that they can dictate who is celebrated on this day, I say celebrate those who make you feel at home. Whether it be your Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, teacher, boss, best friend, mother of your child, Godmother, whomever brings about the feelings my mother gives me. Being a mother/mother-figure is such an amazing blessing because the lessons you teach your children and those around them will stay with them for life! So thank you to my Mother and all of the mother-figures in my life! 

[Mommy, Ash, Godma, Grammy Di, Grandma Mary, Aunt Cinnie, Auntie Lynn, Aunt Judy, Godma Mattie, Carmen, Jessie, Shakira, Chrissy, Kaylea, Keena, Ms. Tanya Tatum, Mrs. H. Jennings, Lala, Ms. Dianne, Arri, Ruby, Joleise, Eva, Tia, Aymee, Di, Mother Carlota — Thank You!!] 

Looking for the BEST gift for your mom on Mother’s Day but you’re on a budget? No biggie! 

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Happy Mother’s Day!


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