My Deck Decor Redo under $300!



‘Tis the season to decorate!! …well, it’s always a great time to decorate in my eyes. But since I moved into my new house just two months or so ago, I’ve been itching to design each room to my liking. Now, everyone knows I love to decorate, thrift some great pieces and make my dreams come to life with each step in my home but… this is a full house this time! Compared to my two-bedroom that housed my closet room and my recent studio apartment, this 2,000sq. ft. home is a major undertaking when it comes to design but I’m excited about the challenge!

I took on a different style with this home compared to my previous home décor styles and my expected everyday style that consists of bright colors, busy textures and more. Such a beautiful, big and open home, when I walk into it I feel such zen and want my décor to keep that feeling going. A lover of “stuff”, I’ve worked to only bring in pieces I LOVE that have a purpose and make sense and I think I’ve done a great job of that so far!

So as I take on this journey of decorating, my first project was my backyard deck! A beautiful, yet vintage deck, I knew it had so much potential to be my perfect sitting and entertainment area if I put some love into it and WOW! I’ve been so proud of the final product!



To start, let me say that my ideas were alllll over the place when planning my décor for my deck! Even with my Pinterest board, my handwritten lists and having my mom on-call to nag about ideas, the inspo was just all over! So, I created my latest printable, the Project Planner!! I used this printable to break down my ideas, supplies, and budget and it made the world of difference for me.


Get your FREE Project Planner here!


Project Planner Colorful Set


So I was going for a Bohemian look which included lots of plants (besides the ones already in the backyard), wood/wicker/rattan, pops of whites and greens, more sitting area and a MAJOR necessity for me – CITRONELLA! Knowing I needed all of these items but needed to make sure that I didn’t get too wild, I set up a budget of $350 hoping that I didn’t spend anywhere near that price and I succeeded! By taking the time to furniture thrift for a few weeks (which is a fave pastime of mine), stalking FB Marketplace and being willing to shop around for the best price on items (like the lights!) allowed me to save money in multiple ways and keep my budget low.


Purchase List

• Edison Lights – $11 at Target
• Wicker Loveseat – $60, FB Marketplace Find
• Bamboo Side Table – $10, FB Marketplace Find
• Wicker “Bar” – $20 at Goodwill
• Woven Blanket – $20 at Homegoods
• Bar Plasticware – $21 at Homegoods
• Bamboo Rug – $20 at TJ Maxx
• Hanging Macramé Piece – $8 at TJ Maxx
• LightBox – $5 at Five Below
• Coffee Table – $10 at The Repurpose Project
• Plants – $40 at Lowes
• Lantern – $19 at Big Lots
• Fake Plant – $6 at Big Lots
• String Lights – $4 at Big Lots
• Lanterns (1) – $11 at Target
• Lanterns (2) – $10 at Roses
Total: $275

It took only about 5 hours to decorate and rearrange the pieces on the deck to look how I imagined and it was totally worth it! I’ve still got more to come for my backyard and deck area but I’m so proud of my start!  What do you think?!



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