My new Juvia's Place Palettes!

​​​So I love makeup like every other woman but I have never really known what the hell I was doing to be honest LOL. My sister is a licensed MUA and creator of her own cosmetics line, so you would think I would know a little more but nope! My sister Ashley is the QUEEN of being fabulous (after our Mom and Grandmother of course) and her makeup is alwayssss on point. Recently, I’ve been tapping more into my “grown woman” style lol. Being petite, I’ve always been able to pass for younger and I think I’ve been so stressed in recent years, the idea of actively getting into makeup and taking the time to do it daily was exhausting! It used to just be a joy to get out of bed when I could. That shows how far I’ve come because I’ve found myself actively wanting to “beat” my face and have found myself buying more makeup in the past 4 months than I ever have!

I’ve always loved lipstick but eye shadow is a TALENT. And I’m not saying I’m anywhereeee close to knowing wtf I’m doing, but these Juvia’s Place palettes are a pretty great start. I’ve seen them on all of my favorite beauty bloggers’ social media pages as the high pigmentation stands out in every single selfie I double-tap. Knowing this, I knew this was a great place for me to start my makeup addict journey! There are 6 different palettes: The Saharan, Masquerade, Zulu, Nubian, Nubian 2 & Magic. I always love bold colors so I went with The Saharan and Zulu first and think I’ll go for the Magic & the Nubian palettes next as I love the shimmery, nude and cool tones in both. At under $35 a palette, these are definitely worth every penny and a total steal!! ALSO: Juvia’s Place is cruelty free! No animals were harmed in the making of these fabulous products!

My ordering experience was wonderful, as I ordered on a Thursday or Friday I think and received it by Tuesday! I feared it may be broken in transit but the bubble wrapping kept the delicate cargo intact, along with the wonderful matching box the palette is encased in.

I’m still working on becoming an eye shadow pro like my sister and my favorite Beauty Bloggers but these bold and gorgeous colors will make these lessons fly right on by!

Wearing shades from the Saharan Palette : Senegal, Zoya & Lulu
Wearing shades from the Saharan Palette: Bororo & Fula && Zulu Palette 
[wpvideo vbNsBOPk]

[wpvideo hZkGEt29]



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