My TOP 5 Travel Apps!

It’s happened. I’ve got the travel bug, and. I’ve got it bad. Ever since my December trip to Haiti with my girlfriends [post coming soon!] and laid my eyes on the beautiful land and people, I vowed that I’d never wait so long to travel again. So I started to plan!
How I plan to make these trips happen? Saving, of course! I save 20% of each paycheck and put it in a savings account JUST for travel. Seeing that this amount is stitched into my bi-weekly budget, I already know how much I’ll have at the end of each month, even the end of the year! Now, everyone has a different lifestyle and a different budget, so I can’t dictate how much you should save monthly but it’s all up to you!

So I’ve been looking around and finding the apps and sites that are helping me find some amazing travel deals, and here are just a few of my favorites!

Hopper – this app is perfect for those who are looking to travel for the best deal and yes, i am definitely in that group. hopper allows you to search for flights over various dates, and they’re all color coded within different price ranges. Want to go exploring in Canada but you’re flexible on the date? Hopper will show you the best month to travel within your budget.

Expedia – there are plenty of travel apps out there but i primarily book with Expedia. I love how user-friendly their website and app are so I’ve been a user for a hot minute now. Expedia clearly breaks down your travel itinerary, tells you all of the fees upfront and they even have a points system! This handy app allows me to browse flights, hotels, cruises, cars and all of my vacay needs!

Air B&B – Well, duh! Hotels are fantastic of course, but they can often be pricey. Air B&B gives you the option to stay in the comfy home of a welcoming host for a fraction of the price! These hosts display photos of their place, lay down the rules & amenities, and then accept your booking request. When you’re looking for the comforts of home on a budget, air B&B is always a great option!

Agoda – I stumbled upon this app while planning my (hopeful) trip to Colombia this year. An awesome app to find lodging accommodations, I’ve found an amazing variety of international deals that have blown my mind! (I’m talking, $35/night for a balcony suite, I cant make these things up!) Owned by Priceline, this travel app is a gem waiting in your App Store!

Pinterest – This app and website should be on everyone’s top lists, its the greatest site, EVER. With so many benefits, it’d be easy to get off track so ill stay focused. Pinterest is great for getting a look into what other have seen and enjoyed on their vacations, giving you a little inspo. I love spending hours of my time (no jk) browsing through and finding the amazing restaurants, hotels and activities that my next adventure has to offer. What are you waiting for? Sign up and start your travel board today! Follow me on Pinterest and check out my Traveling Board!
What are your go-to travel apps?? Please share!

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