Summer 17: A Saturday Out

I absolutely LOVE a day out in the sun! Ask my sweetheart, I’m always dragging him out for lunch al fresca. Yeah, it’s hot, we may sweat a little, blah blah blah. But there’s nothing like sitting out in the beautiful sun, enjoying lunch, nature and great company so we have begun to make this a part of our date practices. Well, with J and I, every day is a date lol I think that’s the goal in dating/love, finding someone who makes every event and activity feel like an adventure and I definitely feel that. So please deal as I document those adventures. 🙂

This past Saturday, we decided to blend a few of our personal faves for the perfect Saturday Date including: Food Trucks, thrifty local shopping, arts & culture and a view of the water! (…oh, and beer too :P)

We checked out a Marketplace that occurs every Saturday afternoon with free admission and tons of great options. We stopped at a number of vendors peddling amazing local goods made by their own hands such as: jewelry, pickles, kombucha, candles and more! We grabbed a few goods including Apple, Bacon, Salmon and Peanut Butter Treats for our furry babies from Artzy Fartzy Treats – A Citrus Energy Shower Tab & a Lavender Shower Tab from Bella Luna Bath, a local GIRLBOSS who creates with organic & sustainable ingredients– Homemade Popcorn! Snickerdoodle, Chicken & Waffles, Buffalo Ranch, and BBQ Bacon (tossed in for free!) We also got to check out some great art from two local artists who specialized in Comic Book pieces and we were both blown away from their skills!

Photo Jul 02, 10 51 30 PM                               Photo Jul 02, 10 52 57 PMPhoto Jul 02, 10 53 05 PM

For lunch, we enjoyed Killer Whale Cream Ale paired with some Food Truck Fare -Filipino Meat on a Stick, Thai Pork Buns, Alligator Sausage, Shrimp Sausage, and plain ol’ French Fries (ketchup on the side, not on top… I’m not a serial killer smh) And it was all soooooo good! I had never tried Pork Buns before and WOW. They looked uncooked initially lol but they were steamed, which does not result in browning of the bun lol. The savory, meaty filling in the Pork Bun reminded me of the spicy filling primarily used in Jamaican Beef Patties. Definitely a welcomed and familiar taste. I enjoyed every bite! J says his was a little room-temp towards the middle.

The Meat on the Stick was bomb! Simple enough explanation of what was going on here lol. The scent coming from the grill reminded me of an everyday teriyaki and the chicken was juicy and grilled perfectly!! The sausages – OMG. I’ve never been adventurous when it comes to meat lol I like to keep my options open but after Lamb, I figured, “What else could I be trying? -_-” J lovessss things beyond my palete, frog legs (I can’t bear to look at them alive, I definitely don’t want to eat them!), gator, and parts of the Pig I forgot existed. So when he saw the Cajun Food Truck with a variety of sausages, we knew that was a part of our lunch. We ended up going with the Shrimp Sausage and Alligator Sausage. Both sausages were AMAZING! Well-seasoned, juicy, flavorful, decadent, I loved them both!!

After lunch and some live music, we took a little stroll over to the Cummer Art Museum which features a free for all day on Saturdays, YAY! I absolutely adore art and the museum so I was definitely hype. J told me there was a special place he wanted to take me and knew I would love and yes, he was right. We stepped out of the museum doors into an insanely beautiful garden and WOW. He knows how much I love gardens and flowers so this spot was perfect. Nestled along the river, I strolled around and took in the beauty of the lush green around me and blue sky. J was right, I did love it!

What a Saturday!

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