Summer, Summer, Summer Timeeee



I don’t think that I realized until recently how much I truly love Summer.  Being a native Floridian, sun is familiar to me as the sandy beaches of Ft. Lauderdale. I don’t think I used to embrace the sun as much in the past because at times, it almost seems like a punishment! We sweat out our hair, get all hot & sticky from minutes in the sun, and so on, and so on. But I have come to embrace all of the wonderful qualities of Summer: summer food, bikinis, trips and travels with friends, BBQs and pool parties, dewy summer skin and so much more! This Summer has truly started off with a bang as all of my months in 2017 seem to be embracing this year.

So here’s to Summer and all of the fabulousity that comes along with it!

I’ll be adding more of my favorite Summer treats, fashions, must-have, tips and more in this Summer season,  stay tuned!


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