Summer Sunshine Style under $15!

“Black women invented the color yellow”

I totally believe that based on how good we look in it! (And every other color, lol)  Yellow happens to be one of my very favorite colors to wear because of this, and because of the simple fact that it’s one of my FAVE colors!  So for brunch this past weekend, I was feeling particularly colorful and I wanted to slip into something… BOLD.  For that look, I decided that YELLOW was the color of the day!

I actually did TWO versions of this look with two different shoes so be on the lookout for the 2nd set of shots!



I adored this dress when I saw it at Forever 21 for only $7.50!! I loved the fabric which reminds me of lace or a delicate doily in the color of pure sunshine.  It fit perfectly at an XS and ended up being a mini-dress of sorts when paired with my long legs, but it didn’t feel like I was about to “spill” out LOL.

I grabbed this super cute pineapple clutch from Sandy’s Resale in town for only $4.99!  It is originally from Forever 21, and I thought it would pair perfectly with my colorful dress and with my pumps.  The clutch fabric is almost a wicker texture, and fit my phone and cosmetics in comfortably!

These shoes.  These are the real winners.  I snagged these yellow Steve Madden pumps at Sandy’s recent Dollar Dash sale for only ONE DOLLAR. Yes, $1!! I was tossing through the bins certain that I wouldn’t find anything good and BAM! I found these bad boys + 2 more pairs that rang up for only a dollar.  A true bargain Queen? Yes, I am.

This outfit was the PERFECT brunch look for me in sunny Gainesville, Florida and I loved it even more since I barely spent $20 on it!



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