Food Finds! – Voodoo Doughnut in Austin!

Voodoo Doughnut

Location: 212 E 6th Street Austin, TX
Cuisine: Doughnuts

Pricing: $


Who knew doughnuts were such a huge deal?!  Am I late? SMH.  Texans want everything bigger and weirder than the rest of the world, so I should have seen this coming!  Well, I wasn’t letting these donuts out of my site!! Honestly, I planned to hit up Gordough’s Donuts initially but fate had us hit Voodoo Donuts first!  Tucked into an underwhelming storefront, you could miss this adorable spot if you walk too fast but once you’re in there, you won’t want to leave.  Whether it was the sweet smells of the fresh baked doughnuts, the neon lights or the baby-pink painted state of Texas on the wall or what, but I felt at home.

Not being a major sugar-fiend, I went to the counter looking like a deer caught in headlights unsure of what sugary treat would be my fate.  Looking at the prices, I saw just how tempting it must be for Austin folks to walk out with a dozen or more of the bright and fluffy treats that were going for $1+ each.  Knowing that my sisters and Dad wouldn’t indulge too much with me (the sugar bug skipped us), I opted to only grab two treats: a Voodoo Doll – crafted to look like a Voodoo Doll and stuffed with Raspberry filling, and a Voodoo Bubble – a sweet & sparkly strawberry frosted doughnut topped with a piece of classic Dubble Bubble bubblegum.

Talk about a sugar rush!


I won’t lie, simply taking pics of the doughnut in my mouth gave me a sugar buzz!! They were both so sweet and almost too cute to eat!!  For less than $6, I got to take home these yummy treats in their bright pink bakery box and let my niece & nephews enjoy the sugar rush at home with their parents. 😉  I can’t wait to go back to Austin and enjoy a doughnut AND the ambiance!



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