WCW: Melissa Leiba, “The TRIPLE Threat”

Melissa Nicole Leiba.

Write that name down, because I promise you that you’ll be hearing it again very soon.

When you ask Melissa what she does for a living, I’m not even sure how she narrows it down in conversation. A Paralegal, Substitute Teacher, Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and the list goes on.

Melissa and I met back in high school when we were both student performers in our schools Theatre program and formed a bond quickly. Being older, we created a nurturing friendship that lasts til this day with me constantly beaming with joy at her accomplishments!

There’s no question of what Melissa brings to the table, as she is obviously beautiful, with a degree from Florida State University and a MAJOR set of pipes for such a small woman! But never let her stature fool you, this powerhouse uses her knowledge to teach young students and is currently using her talent to leave a lasting impression on the music world.

  • Name: Melissa Nicole Leiba
  • Age: 24, turning 25 on February 11.
  • Occupation: Paralegal/Entrepreneur
  • Hometown: North Miami Beach , Florida
  • Glam Bag Must-Have?: I have two:(. First must have is lotion because I have atopic dermatitis, and dry spots can pop up in Times of low humidity or high stress. Second must have is highlight! I have a few brands I rotate. Currently using MAC mineral finish in Cheeky Bronze. I use it as a body highlight so it is a great pick me up, even to a fresh face.
  • Your ‘Diva on a Dime’ Tip for Saving $?: PLAN YOUR HAUL BEFORE YOU BUY. Sorry for the caps lol. Set a budget before you even click on the website, and include shipping in the cost. Be strict with yourself . I also feel drug store brands are underrated . My make up bag is full of variety..,from high end $34 concealer from Nars  to $6 clear lipgloss from Milani.
  • Who is the most FABulous person you know?: My mother. I have never seen anyone constantly use their life’s disappointments and turn it into service for others. From family to friends to coworkers . Every birthday she gets over $1000 in gifts from people who love her.
  • Little Known Facts About You?:
  • I love to make at-home  versions of all my favorite foods so that some days I can just make it myself and save money.
    • I was born ambidextrous, and while I lean on my left hand to write primarily , I can write with my right hand a bit,and still do all other tasks with my right hand , vacuuming , sweeping, etc.
    • I have read the UK/Australia News Daily on the Daily Mail for the past 6 years. I understand there are more academic sources , but I read for knowledge and fun. And any time you see my phone in my hand, chances are I’m checking an email or reading what’s going on around the world.
  • 3 words that describe you:
  • 1) indomitable: I chose this word because although people may assume different, I have been through so much in my life that could have truly broken me as a person. But the fact remains , I can not be defeated by anything on earth. God has instilled a determination in me that can’t be extinguished.
    • 2)cerebral: I chose this particular word because it describes how I make most of my decisions . I tend to reason with logic not emotion, which works to my benefit for the most part .
    • 3)humorous : I chose this word because any one that is close to me knows me for my sarcastic and sometimes dirty humor…I love having the reputation “let me call melissa because I need to laugh”. I also enjoy self deprecating humor and poking fun at my height(or lack thereof), my large teeth, etc. Life is so short and I want to spend most of it making everyone around me smile.
  • At this age, what is your mission in life?: My mission is to continue on my journey of self improvement , but not without extending myself to other Queens I see. And I love when they do the same to me. We’re here to learn and grow from one another.
  • Why do you do what you do?: I do what I do because I have strong passion and affinity  for law/business and I also love the entertainment industry. I knew I would always be busy but I felt as long as I’m willing to lose the sleep , I can do whatever my mind is set on.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: I see myself starting to make moves toward my law firm, growing my existing business (Aquarius Editing Services), and continuing to act and record music. I know I can have it all, God just wants me to prove I’m hungry. And I am starving. 😉
  • If you could meet one person, who would it be and why? What would you ask them?: I would love to meet my paternal grandfather. He was the first to be majorly successful in business and he died a multimillionaire. He had nothing but a Cuban passport in Jamaica and a will to survive. I’m so proud to be in a family full of grinders.
  • What’s the greatest piece of advice ever given to you?: —advice—-from my parents . You’re special to us, but outside of this house, nobody owes you anything. Not even a hello. Go and grab what is yours with hard work, and the respect will come with it.  My brother received the same advice.harsh but true. And I grew up never forgetting that I won’t receive anything that I didn’t earn.
  • Who’s your WCW and why?: My late grandmother. I don’t want to elaborate too much it’s still a painful loss for next but basically, she wasn’t just a grandma. She was my second mom and I miss her every day. This August makes 4 years and I hope she is proud of me.
  • What is your message for young girls and women around the world?: Don’t let anyone…… a parent, a partner, or teacher , friend etc ever tell you your idea is stupid. Or too far fetched , unless they can provide up to the minute statistics from an empirical source. Once I started asking for those, people stopped inserting their opinions. And most importantly, I stopped asking their opinion. Those situations reminded me that they don’t matter anyway in MY dream. Dreaming big is the only way you can have a life you can be proud of . Dreams become goals and then plans. There are sources online for every field you can think of. So if someone wants to withhold knowledge or support from you, dig within yourself and go online. See how many different routes have been taken towards your dream and dive in. As they say, change the game plan, never the goal.
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