Wine on a Dime: Pt. 1


I loveeeeee wine.

Vino. The Grape. Whether bottled or boxed. Red or white. With a hint of berries or a smooth oak, I. Love. Wine.

I’m not a drunk, I swear. I actually hate liquor (after a few, *ahem, years of too much college fun) but still enjoy a glass of wine, champagne, or an occasional ice-cold beer.

But there’s nothing like a smooth glass of Wine at the end of a long day, paired with dinner, or as an afternoon celebration. To me, there’s always a great time for a glass of wine! But how to do that on a budget? I don’t believe that all liquor/spirits are created equal, wine is included in that. Knowing that, we were all raised to see Wine as a symbol of wealth or privilege of some sort, while beer is thought to be cheap. Venturing into college, aching to show how “grown-up” and sophisticated we were, cheap vodka was replaced with cheap wine instead. That bottle you find at Walmart for $2.95 while cruising the aisles at 2am with your roommates… ya’ll know what bottle I’m talking about! We choked down the sophisticated drink, cursing the bitterness and cringing all at once. I know so many cheap, adults-in-training who now swear wine is awful due to these cheap college experiences.
THERE IS MORE TO WINE!! …CHEAP WINE!!! I am here to guide the way. Think of me as the Beyoncé of broke, sophistiratchet drinkers all over. Yeah… I like how that sounds.

(For future reference, Bey is my example of being ultimate in any situation, I don’t care if she’s never stepped foot into the ring. i.e: “Think of me as the Beyoncé of Astronauts!” See how she doesn’t work for NASA but you still understand the comparison? 😉

Let’s start this series out right. I want all of my fellow broke and fabulous friends to be able to enjoy some amazing wine paired with the perfect tastes, all with the perfect price! (Because being fabulous while going broke is NOT the move!)

My favorite Red Wine on a budget: I absolutely adore this red blend! My mom hipped me to Lambrusco which is hilarious because being a broke wine snob, my mom is forever on the receiving end of my side-eyes due to her handling of wine. (I love you mommy,!) She’s one of the classiest women I know, but I’ve witnessed her drinking wine from a red SOLO cup filled with ice. grasps pearls I’m still in shock as I recollect. Either way, she’s got wonderful taste and hates strong drinks, so when she recommended this wine, I thought it best to give it a try. Sweet, subtle, but rich, this Red is wonderful for new wine drinkers or those who prefer a sweeter wine like Riesling. It isn’t anywhere near as deep in taste as Merlot, almost mimicking a bubbly, potent Sangria.

This wine pairs well with: red sauces, beef, and smoky/sweet cheeses!

I found it at:
Aldi and Total Wine for $4.97 or a hefty bottle at $7.97!

My favorite White Wine on a budget: I picked up this bottle after being drawn to the colorful wrap, I won’t lie. But also knowing how amazing Trader Joe’s is at, well, everything, I didn’t question the purchase too much. This Riesling is amazingggg! Crisp, fruity with hints of white grapes and pears, this is the perfect Spring white wine for every event! Sweet and refreshing, it’s the perfect complement for a lunch, picnic, or BBQ. I love how it’s not overpowered by a taste of alcohol, and also doesn’t leave me thinking I just drank a cup of juice. Trader Joe’s was right on the money with this one!!

This wine pairs well with: salads, fruit, Gouda/Havarti cheese, and veggies.

I found it at: Trader Joe’s for $4.49!

Tell me some of your favorite wines on a dime!!

Happy [SAFE] Drinking!
Drink Responsibly

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  1. Angela Robb
    February 21, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    Wow. That was so cool.

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